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Everything is a relationship...

People have all the resources they need to attain their goals. Our mission is to assist you in discovering and utilizing those resources to remedy situations which you find limiting. The empowering and respectful technology of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) combined with various other models enhance personal resources to overcome obstacles and to provide self-awareness and self-appreciation.

Your work 

Is your job fulfilling and rewarding? Are you seeking a more lucrative or challenging career? Do you have good communicaion with your employer and colleagues?

Your friends

Are your friendships a healthy balance of give-and-take so that you feel supported? Are you fulfilled while and after sharing time with your friends? Do you have as many friends as you'd like?

Your family 

How does it feel to spend time with your family? Is it OK to tell the truth or are you restricted certain "acceptable" behaviors?

Your love partner

Sometimes our connection with our significant other is the most fragile and stressful of all. How is yours? Can you speak honestly and openly with your partner and know you'll be heard? Would you like a more intimate connection than the one you currently have?

Your health

Our bodies and our minds are deeply and inextricably connected. If you have chronic health problems or physical challenges, it's likely you could improve the communication between your mind and body. Improving this connection is one of the kindest and most empowering actions you could take.

Your spirituality

Are you conscious of your spiritual self? Do you have a place to turn that supports you when you're faced with life's challenges? Whatever your interpretation of or belief in a "higher power," your spirituality, when you have a reliable way of contacting it, can be a powerful source of support.


How is your internal communication? As human beings, we often encounter conflicts within ourselves that seem impossible to resolve. Are you in touch with the various "parts" of yourself that sometimes compete for dominance? Would you like strategies for resolving internal conflicts and help you to move peacefully forward?

These are always in transition,

as we are constantly evolving.

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