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Sally Whittingham Chamberlaine, MA

Sally Chamberlaine is a

Master Practitioner and Trainer of NeuroLinguistic Programming who has worked in the communications field for most of her life.

She has been involved with NLP since 1983 and studied with its founders, John Grinder and Richard Bandler in addition to working with other leaders in the field. She conducts trainings with business and educational groups, trained for Anchor Point Associates of Utah and independently, and has presented at several annual NLP conferences.

Among others, Sally had designed and presented trainings for TGS Nopec, McDonnell-Douglas Corporation, Dynamic Wellness Center of New York, and NLP Master Practitioners in Mexico City. Sally creates custom trainings for specialized groups including the health industry, sales consulting, and personal evolution.

In the past several years, Sally has broadened her skills to include modalities that enhance and build upon NLP technology. Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples offers a powerful approach to healing marital and relationship problems. This process also can be effectively applied to sibling, parent/child, and professional relationships. Understanding The Enneagram immensely enhances self-awareness in any area of focus, and Sally can help you determine your type to expedite attainment of your goals. The most recent addition to Sally's tool kit is Psych-K – a natural extension of NLP - which allows you to feel in your own body the information usually hidden in your unconscious mind through muscle testing. This facilitates uncovering hidden limiting beliefs and provides specific strategies for replacing them with empowering ones.

Sally is the co-author of the book From the Inside Out: Building a Healthy Identity published in 1992 and of several articles published in the NLP journal, Anchor Point. She is also the author and presenter of an audio tape, The Sanctuary, released in December of 1996. Sally has a Bachelor or Arts degree and a Master's degree in English Education from the University of Colorado. In the 70's and 80's she taught English, Speech and Drama to high school students, consulted with educational team building and professional interaction facilitators, and explored educational applications of NLP. Sally is also a certified Master Practicioner and Trainer of NLP, and formally trained in Emotionally focused Couple Therapy, Psych-K, and the Enneagram.


In addition to training, Sally currently maintains a private therapy and consulting practice in Boulder, Colorado where she works with individuals, couples and families,and as a professional coach to business executives. Sally's services may be deducted as a medical expense for psychotherapy and as a business expense for professional training.

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